Dr Maxim Shkunov

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Current  research area can be described as “Printed electronics with solution processable nanomaterials and organic semiconductors”.  This serves as a platform for the development of novel devices for large area electronic applications with strategic overlap with EPSRC directions in Energy, Environment and Health. In particular, a printable sensor platform, based on nanowire FETs for chemical and biological sensing has been under the development for the last 5 years, with nanomaterials work spanning over 10 years.

Research activities are aimed at developing printed large area electronics at Surrey in synergy with ATI strategic activities, and utilising important collaborations with industrial and academic partners specialising in chemical synthesis, nanomaterials, sensor applications, metrology, printable devices, nanoparticle inks, organic semiconductors.

Immediate areas of research are: environmental sensors based on solution processable nanowire devices, biological sensors towards solving Global Challenges in Antimicrobial Resistance, self-assembly methods for highly reproducible high-performance semiconducting nanowire FETs, printable device applications for reconfigurable RF electronics,  nano-scale high resolution scanning probe techniques, advanced solution deposition techniques for semiconducting nanoparticles and conjugated molecules, low-power consumption FETs and high-resolution ink-jet printing.

Research overview